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Asia Pacific Vascular Biology Organization started its first activity with a top level academic Conference

Source: Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen University 

Edited by: Liu Nian 




On November 17th-19th, 2017, in the brand new contemporary auditorium of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC), jointly sponsored by the Center, State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology (SKLO), Asia Pacific Vascular Biology Organization (APVBO) announced its establishment by organizing its first Conference at top level worldwide. 

The conference began with a warmhearted welcome from Prof. Yizhi Liu, the director of the ZOC. On behalf of the ZOC and SKLO, he congratulated the establishment of APVBO and gave his sincere appreciation to the distinguished international and domestic speakers as well as the audience. Divided into eight parts including Vascular Biology of Atherosclerosis, Regulation of Vascular Permeability and Ocular Neovascularization, Vascular Signaling, Frontiers of Vascular Biology, Vascular Metabolism, Angiogenesis in Metabolic Diseases and Development, Frontiers of Translational Research, Emerging Vascular Sciences, the conference has successfully invited  more than 30 internationally most renowned scientists in the field to introduce their most recent work including (in alphabetical order) Dr. Ralf H. Adams, Dr. Tatiana V. Byzova, Dr. Yihai Cao, Dr. Zhongwei Cao, Dr. Peter Carmeliet, Dr. Pei-Yu Chen, Dr. Bi-Sen Ding, Dr. Napoleone Ferrara, Dr. Martin Friedlander, Dr. Feng Han, Dr. Karen K. Hirschi, Dr. Hui Huang, Dr. Lasse Jensen, Dr. Raghu Kalluri, Dr. Jan Kitajewski, Dr. Yoshiaki Kubota, Dr. Neil Lagali, Dr. Xuri Li, Dr. Jing Li, Dr. Jia Li, Dr. Junjian Liu, Dr. Jincai Luo, Dr. Michael Potente, Dr. Christiana Ruhrberg, Dr. Massimo M. Santoro, Dr. Martin A. Schwartz, Dr. Michael Simons, Dr. Hongye Sun, Dr. Ira Tabas, Dr. Xiao-Li Tian, Dr. Kenneth Walsh, Dr. Yuqiang Wang, Dr. Guang Wang, Dr. Xiaoqiang Yao, Dr. Luyang Yu, Dr. Feng Zhang, Dr. Zhongjun Zhou. 

This APVBO conference brought together a diverse group of basic scientists, physicians and industry leaders across the Asia-Pacific area, Europe and America. It provided not only a remarkable opportunity for the local audience to appreciate the most recent progresses in full-scale in the field, but a critical forum for some of the greatest minds to share their ways to do excellent research in a close distance as well. It also laid the foundation to allow the participants to establish new connections and collaborations among the research groups, especially between ones from China and overseas, and promote interactions among the fields of academia, clinic and pharmaceutical industry. It is our genuine hope and firm belief that the activities as such will significantly promote the vascular research in China and Asia Pacific area. 


--Prof. Yizhi Liu, the director of the ZOC, announced the opening on behalf of ZOC, SKLO and APVBO. 


--Prof. Peter Carmeliet introduced his most recent work in vascular metabolism. 


--Prof. Napoleone Ferrara gave a lecture titled “Therapeutic targeting of VEGF-A and other pro-angiogenic mediators”. 


-- Prof. Michael Simons lectured “Metabolic control of vascular growth”. 


--Prof. Ralf H. Adams lectured on the topic “Organ-specific specialization and functional heterogeneity of endothelial cells”. 


--Prof. Kenneth Walsh showed his research on “Clonal hematopoiesis and cardio-metabolic disease: New mechanisms, new therapeutic opportunities”. 


--Prof. Ira Tabas introduced his work on “Defective inflammation resolution in atherosclerosis:  mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities”. 


--The audience during the conference in the newly built ZOC auditorium. 


--Prof. Xuri Li, the organizer of this exciting conference, extended her thanks on behalf of ZOC, SKLO and APVBO to the speakers and audience for their contributions and attention. She welcomed them all in advance to attend the Asia Pacific Vascular Biology Organization Conference 2018.