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Vision with Love, Life with Wonder--Opening Ceremony held for Eye Health Management Department, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Zhujiang New Town Division

On June 1st, 2018, the Eye Health Management Department of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Zhujiang New Town Division was comprehensively put into service. People including, WCO former President and President of The School of Optometry at HKPU Prof. George Woo, nearly 150 graduates of the Department of Optometry at Sun Yat-sen University, children suffering high myopia, representatives from Guangdong Youth Development Foundation
and more, participated in the event and witnessed the historic moment when the Eye Health Management Department was officially put into service.

As people live a better quality of life, we are faced with the problem of population aging. This in turn leads to more demands to provide adequate care. It’s the right time to build a healthy China. The settlement of the first Primary Eye Care mode (the Eye Health Management mode) at CBD, Guangzhou indicates the beginning of a Basic Eye Care mode suitable for Socialism “with Chinese characteristics”. It has been explored by the Center for a long time and now represents the coming of a “new age” in which after great concerted effort good eye care for all people has been created.


The Eye Health Management mode has come into being by upgrading traditional visual acuity examinations and optical services. This aims to realize a whole-process and universal control of the public’s eye health problems by increasing all people’s eye health awareness. By regulating methods such as comprehensive eye health examination and evaluation, two-way interactive transfer treatment, long-term monitoring and follow-up visits, so as to enable realize early discovery and thereby early intervention of eye health problems, prevent eye diseases and increase eye health of the general public. This brand new Eye Health Management mode is in line with the requirements in a new era of Socialism “with Chinese characteristics”, which will definitely have a far-reaching impact on primary eye care development in China.

It is widely known that a Primary Eye Care mode has been used in developed countries such as those in North America for nearly 100 years and has received the approval of the optometry industry worldwide. Primary eye care workers in North America become people’s “eye health guardians” by offering promoting, preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative visual care services. The Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center has fully employed North America’s Primary Eye Health Care mode as a reference in developing its own Eye Health Management mode. The team has kept trying and adjusting the Mode over the past four years, by communicating and conferencing with internationally renowned optometry schools around the world, such as Salus University’s Optometry School and The School of Optometry, at HKPU. After numerous clinical practices and trials, the mode has received nearly 100% public satisfaction and is highly approved by peers.


We look forward to leading the public to live a healthier life and helping China’s eye health undertaking to develop sustainably and healthily through the Eye Health Management mode so as to achieve good vision and eye health for all people. Let’s create vision with love and life with wonder!