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World Congress on Ocular Cell and Regenerative Biology and the 6th National Forum of Graduate Students in Ophthalmology

August 6-9, 2015

The Ocean Hotel, Guangzhou, China




August 6-9, 2015



The Ocean Hotel, Guangzhou, China

Tel: (86) 20 8776 5988


World Congress on Ocular Cell and Regenerative Biology (formally biannual meeting of International Society of Ocular Cell Biology) will bring together world’ s leading experts and scientific community in basic and translational ocular cell biology, stem cell and tissue regeneration, ocular physiology and diseases mechanisms. The meeting is in conjunction with the 6th Chinese National Forum of Graduate Students in Ophthalmology.


Confirmed speakers:


Keynote speakers:

Napoleone Ferrara, UC San Diego

Robin Ali, University College London

Tom Reh, University of  Washington

Michael Simons, Yale University


Named lectures:                                                      

David Gamm, University of Wisconsin

Graziella Pellgrini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


Invited speakers:

Vadim Arshavsky, Duke University

Xianjie Yang, UCLA

Guotong Xu, Tongji University

Xuri Li, Sun Yat-sen University

Sarah X. Zhang, SUNY Buffalo

Kenneth Walsh,Boston University School of Medicine

Karen Hirschi,Yale University

Yihai Cao, Karolinska Institute

Ning Tian, University of Utah

Mandeep Singh,Johns Hopkins University

Xufeng Zhong, Sun Yat-sen University

Zhuohua Pan,Wayne State University School of Medicine

Takahisa Furukawa,Osaka University

Jimmy Zhou,Yale University

Hui Sun, UCLA

Bärbel (Barb) Rohrer, Medical University of South Carolina

Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan, Weill Cornell Medical College

Simon Clark,University of Manchester

Olaf Strauss,Charite University Medicine Berlin


Topics will include:

Lens and cornea Stem Cells

Retina and RPE Stem cells

Retina Physiology and Circuitry

RPE physiology and disease

Ocular disease mechanisms and translational research

Ocular Vascular biology


Organizing Committe


Yizhi Liu, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University, China

John Greenwood, University College London, UK

Stephen Moss, University College London, UK

Robert Molday, University of British Columbia, Canada

David Williams, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Kang Zhang, University of California, San Diego, USA




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May 20, 2015

English Abstract Submission Opens

May 20, 2015

Hotel Reservation Opens

July 1, 2015

English Abstract Submission   Deadline

June 30, 2015

Online Registration Deadline

August 7, 2015