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University President Visits Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center

On the afternoon of the 7th September, Luo Jun, president of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU in short) visited Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC) to attend the meeting of “Center Plan in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period”. Chen Chunsheng, vice Party secretary and vice president, Li Mengfeng, vice president, Yu Minbin, vice president, Xia Lianghui, assistant president, and heads from various departments of SYSU attended this meeting. Nearly 70 people from ZOC participated in this meeting, including administrative and Party leaders, experts from different departments, PI from State Key Laboratory for Ophthalmology, some division heads from clinical departments and administrative departments. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Chen Chunsheng, vice Party secretary and vice president of the university.
Prof. Liu Yizhi, director of ZOC reported the development plan in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” on academic research, construction of clinical teams and cultivation of talents. He paid a lot of attention to the gap of influence and originality between ZOC and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, an eye institute ranking first in the United States for 12 consecutive years. He said that faculty and staff in ZOC would unswervingly follow SYSU’s policies to improve itself to become the world first-class ophthalmic center in the field of ocular stem cells and precision medicine.
In the meeting, Prof. Ge Jian from ZOC, Prof. Li Xuri from ZOC, Prof. Lin Xiaofeng from ZOC, vice president Li, Mengfeng and Mr. Yang Qinghua, head of Department of University Plan and Development delivered speeches respectively, offering suggestions and advice to research, system and structure and talent cultivation related to ophthalmology.
At last, President Luo Jun gave a speech, in which he thought highly of the work and progress made by ZOC. He proposed that ZOC should embrace university policies and at the same time advance to a higher level in the world.