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The Unveiling Ceremony of Image Reading Center held at Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center as Series Lectures Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ZOC

On August 14th, 2015, the Unveiling Ceremony of Image Reading Center, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center and Series Lectures of ZOC Affiliated Eye Hospital 50th Anniversary was held in Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC), Sun Yat-sen University. Professor SriniVas Sadda, the president and director of Doheny Eye Institute, was invited to give a lecture to celebrate the unveiling ceremony as well as the 50th anniversary of ZOC Affiliated Eye Hospital. The unveiling ceremony was moderated by Professor Lu Lin.

Professor Lin Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of ZOC, gave welcome remarks. He thanked Prof. Sadda and the Doheny Eye Institute for the support and help during the preparation of the Image Reading Center. He also expressed his gratitude for help given by Prof. Sadda and the Doheny Eye Institute in training, arranging staff, as well as providing guidance and advice for Image Reading Center.

Prof. Sadda visited ZOC to offer guidance on the construction of the Image Reading Center in April this year. At the unveiling ceremony, Prof. Sadda delivered a lecture entitled “Building a global reading center collaboration: the Doheny-Zhongshan partnership”. He pointed out that an image reading center was crucial to ophthalmic clinical research, and to the retina evaluation in particular. The image reading center enabled doctors to have standardized and repetitive evaluation on images and reduced the chance of objective interpretation on ophthalmic images. The increase of phase three clinical research transnationally and trans-regionally indicated that image reading centers could not work on their own but should have international cooperation.

He said that both Doheny Eye Institute and ZOC had world-recognized record of academic excellence, and the Doheny-Zhongshan partnership would be a perfect match. He was hoping that Doheny Eye Institute could establish long-term partnership with ZOC.

Mr. Daniel Katz, Administrative Director of the Doheny Image Reading Center, gave concluding remarks. He pointed out that the Doheny Image Reading Center and the Image Reading Center of ZOC had laid a solid foundation for the collaborations in  exchange of scholars and in joint medical research and development. He believed that the two sides would achieve mutual development through cooperation.

On August 15, Professor Liu Yizhi, Director of ZOC, met with Prof. Sadda and Mr. Katz. Prof. Liu hoped that the Fundus Disease Center of ZOC would take the opportunity to build the Image Reading Center and make positive contributions to the clinical research on ocular fundus diseases. Moreover, the two sides held a discussion on developing new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular fundus diseases, glaucoma and cataract, and reached consensus on jointly conducting research in relevant fields.

Prof. Sadda and Mr. Katz also visited the Fundus Disease Center and the Image Reading Center of ZOC, and discussed faculty development, quality control and cooperation plan of the Image Reading Center.