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Eye Bank of Guangdong Province participated in the commemorative activities of cornea and organ donors


SourceJianping Ji, Eye Bank of Guangdong,

Edited by Xianjing Wei


This April, in the traditional Chinese period of recognizing the dead, the Eye Bank of Guangdong Province participated in the commemorative activities of organ donation from the whole country and Guangdong Province, commemorating the donors of corneas that “pass the love and give the gift of sight” as well as the donors of organs and bodies


On March 31st, appointed Dr. Ji Jianping, Associate Professor in Eye Bank of Guangdong Province attended the "New Life · Voice - 2018 National Human Organ Donation Memorial and Promotion Campaign" held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The event was sponsored by China Human Organ Donation Management Center and China Organ Transplant Development Foundation. It was organized by Hubei Red Cross Society and Hubei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission. After the meeting, Dr. Ji Jianping exchanged opinions with several provincial officials and specialists on the status and problems of cornea donations in China. He also reported on the development of the eye bank in Guangdong Province to Professor Huang Jiefu, chairman of the China Human Organ Donation and Transplantation Committee.

On April 26th, Zeng Jingrong and Chen Jianjun in Eye Bank of Guangdong Province participated in the 2018 Guangdong Province organ donation memorial event held in Zengcheng Wanan Garden, Guangzhou, organized by the Guangdong Provincial Red Cross Society. Organ donation and organ transplantation workers in Guangdong Province, families of some donors, and patients receiving organ transplants deeply mourn and remember the donors of corneas and organs. According to the Guangdong Provincial Red Cross Society, 668 cases of organ donation were completed in Guangdong Province in 2017. At the end of 2017, 2156 cases of organ donations were achieved in Guangdong Province, and the number of donations had ranked first in the country for eight consecutive years. The donation in Guangdong plays a leading role nationwide and bringing new life and sight to numerous patients. 

Eye Bank of Guangdong Province is an institution directly subordinated to Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University, approved by the Guangdong Provincial Institutional Committee. With the support of the leaders at Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center and the efforts of all eye bank colleagues, Eye Bank of Guangdong Province received a total of 1,087 corneas in 2017 and provided more than 900 pieces of corneal grafts for clinical use. It is the eye bank in China that has the highest number of donated corneas. Compared with 2016, the number of cornea acquisition increased by 17.4% and the corneal transplantation increased by 13.5%. While safeguarding clinical applications, Eye Bank of Guangdong Province also provided ocular tissues for scientific research, which effectively promotes the extend and quality of the scientific research at Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center. In 2018, Guangdong Eye Bank will vigorously promote the hospital corneal recovery programs (HCRP), strive to expand the source of cornea donation, optimize the corneal donation process, strengthen the quality control of corneal donation, and provide safer and higher-quality corneal grafts for clinical use. Eye Bank of Guangdong Province is serving to bring light to more patients with corneal blindness.