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Dr. Yu Minbin was honored with Bethune Award

Reported by Zhan Zongyi , Fan Yanmei , Department of Glaucoma
Edited by Wei Xianjing

Dr. Norman Bethune, a brave Canadian doctor and internationalist, whose professionalism and altruism saved hundreds of lives of soldiers and civilians in war and inspired many more in China. He also cultured a lot of doctors and nurses during the war until he died because of severe septicaemia caused by a scalpel cut in 1939. Praises for Dr. Bethune's spirit of internationalism are always on the lips of the Chinese people. To remember Dr. Bethune, promote humanistic quality and professional ethics, encourage serving the people's health, the Bethune Spirit Society and Chinese Medical Doctor Association have awarded 81 doctors for their contribution and devotion to people's health.

Dr. Yu Minbin, one of the “Bethune Good Doctor”, have dedicated himself in ophthalmology for over 33 years. He has rich experience in early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, surgical treatment of refractory glaucoma, and diagnosis and treatment of congenital glaucoma. He is one of the first to carry out endoscopic surgery in ophthalmology in China, and he have completed nearly 10,000 cases of glaucoma surgery. During he served as vice President of Sun Yat-sen University affiliated hospital, he actively promoted the hospital development and clinical medical subject construction, improved the medical services and academic influence. He promoted the hospital reform under the lead of National Health and Family Planning Commission, and continuously strengthened hospital medical quality and medical safety management for the whole society. He has a good reputation for his professionalism and quality work among peers and patients for his professional ethics. He has led several medical teams to Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Yunnan remote areas for medical assistances and volunteer services for many times, and conducted teaching demonstration in local learning classes to improve the level of primary medical care. He won the "award for the academy of ophthalmology of Chinese Medical Association", "South Guangdong Excellent Teacher", "Sun Yat-sen University Three Aspects of Education pacesetter", "Sun Yat-sen University Famous Teacher", "Sun Yat-sen university Famous Doctor" and other awards. And he is one of the "Outstanding Contribution Middle-aged and Young Experts" awarded by National Health and Family Planning Commission, "Medical Talents of Guangdong Province", "Yangcheng Good Doctor", "Lingnan Famous Doctor", and "Ten Chinese Famous Glaucoma Doctor ".