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Towards A Strong Ophthalmic Education Institution


Source: Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry

Written by: Zhi Lin, Yan Li, Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry

Proofread by: Jiawei Wang

Edited by: Xianjing Wei


With the rapid development of medicine and the emergence of new technologies, more and more clinicians need to update their knowledge and skills by continuing education. The Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC)’s "Continuing Education Program 2020", aims to implement a long-term strategy covering the whole career period education for all staff members. The content of the program focuses on the development of Ophthalmology, medical care safety, research standard and teaching skills, etc.

On March 20th, Professor Xiaofeng Lin, the Deputy Director of ZOC, presented the first course: "Control of the global epidemic of COVID-19 and the Resumption of clinical work" to all the ZOC staffs via live-stream. Professor Lin reviewed ZOC’s efforts made recently in "Precise prevention, and gradual resuming of clinical work", and brought up the "opportunities and challenges under the shadow of the global epidemic". And he emphasized the importance of building up the "immune environment", which actually means to be immune not only at physical and financial level, but also at mental and psychological level, so that we can be fully immune to this new virus.