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Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC) of SYSU and Guangzhou Xinhua College Cooperate in Optometry program



Written by: Gao Ya
First review: Lin Zhi
Auditor: Wang Jiawei 
Approved: Zhuo Yehong

Edited by: Wei Xianjing 



To implement President Xi Jinping's instruction of "Jointly care for the children's eyes, so that they will have a bright future", ZOC put myopia prevention strategy into practice. ZOC and Guangzhou Xinhua College jointly set up the undergraduate optometry program, approved by the Ministry of Education in March 2020. The annual enrollment is 40 students.  





Group photo of the executives from two institutions 



 According to the 4-year undergraduate program, the students spend 1.5 years on basic courses at Xinhua College followed by 1 year of ophthalmology and optometry related courses and 1.5 years of internship at ZOC. 



In September 2020, 14 students of Class of 2022 from the School of Health Management and School of Biomedical Engineering of Xinhua College were transferred to the major of Optometry and started the 3rd year study in ZOC, while 40 freshman of Class of 2024 have also successfully enrolled.  





The learning and practices of undergraduates 


Link: Guangzhou Xinhua College is a comprehensive full-time college covering liberal arts, science, medicine, engineering and other disciplines, which have adhered to the tradition and philosophy of Sun Yat-sen University.