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Guangdong-Linzhi Vision Tour to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of CPC: Screening and Dispensing Service to School-aged Children in Tibet, China


Source: Department of Preventive Ophthalmology, ZOC
Written by: Qirong Lin, Department of Preventive Ophthalmology, ZOC
Proofread by: Liqiong Xie

Edited by: Jiawei Wang, Xianjign Wei

Reviewed by: Xiaoling Liang


As a mission to prevent blindness of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC), Sun Yat-sen University since 2015, ZOC returned to Tibet, China during April 11st to 17th, 2021. It has been a routine vision tour of ZOC under the leadership of Director Yizhi Liu and Vice Director Xiaoling Liang. This year, ZOC joined hands with the Rheumatic Immunologists Society of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association to implement the medical tour.


The two organizations, with support from the Tianxingjian Charitable Foundation (Guangdong) embarked on the Guangdong-Linzhi Vision Tour to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China to provide quality visual acuity screening and dispensing service to school-aged children in Bomi County. During the Vision Tour, the medical team found out that many children have high myopia but few of them wear spectacles due to the lack of capacity to dispense in local hospitals. In two days, the medical team screened 1,386 students and gave out 223 pairs of free-of-charge spectacles. Bomi County, located at an average altitude of 3,000 meters, posed quite some challenges to the medical team, who overcame the altitude stress and tight schedule to accomplish the mission.


The Vision Tour received strong support from All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Standing Committee of Linzhi City, The People’s Government of Linzhi Municipality, Linzhi Municipal Health Commission, Tianxingjian Charitable Foundation (Guangdong), Rheumatic Immunologists Society of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association. An Unveiling Ceremony was held to mark the Vision Tour.




Unveiling Ceremony of the Vision Tour





Medical Team from ZOC




Group Photo of the Medical Team