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New Advance on Glaucoma Detection via AI


Resource: Clinical Research Center, ZOC

Written by: Xiang Chen, Clinical Research Center, ZOC

Proofread by: Jiawei Wang

Reviewed by: Xiaoling Liang

Edited by: Xianjing Wei


Recently, the world's top-notch Ophthalmic Journal "Ophthalmology" (Impact Factor 12.079) published a clinical article regarding enhanced Artificial Intelligent (AI) for diagnosing glaucoma based on Multi-modal Machine Learning using visual field and OCT. This is one of the latest significant achievements made by Prof. Xiulan Zhang’s team after consecutive 8 major publications at NPJ Digital Medicine, Medical Image Analysis et al in the past 3 years towards using AI for better glaucoma diagnosis. It is reported that it is the first time “Ophthalmology” published an article in the field of applying Multi-modal Machine Learning for glaucoma.




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Prof. Xiulan Zhang’s research team