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Tele-ophthalmology Online AI Seminar Successfully Held



Resource: State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology
Written by: Shiran Zhang, Qiuxia Yin, State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology
Proofread by: Jiawei Wang
Edited by: Xianjing Wei
Reviewed by: Xiaoling Liang

The artificial intelligence (AI) seminar hosted by Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University (ZOC) was successfully held online on July 23rd. A total of 9 well-known researchers from Singapore, Egypt, India, Australia, Thailand, America and China were invited, attracting over 50 audiences from different regions and countries on line.

The opening remarks was presided by Prof. He Mingguang, the chair of the seminar, professor of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University. The AI seminar focused on the latest advance in tele-ophthalmology and digital innovation. Three major topics including AI in corneal diseases, use of AI & Tele-ophthalmology around the word and deploying AI in clinical practice were raised and discussed. Prof. Yih Chung Tham from Singapore National Eye Center, Prof. Wei Chen from the affiliated eye hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Prof. Kang Zhang from Macau University of Science and Technology, Research project manager Jacqueline Henwood from University of Melbourne provided an insightful presentation, updating the latest advances and proposing future perspectives for AI deployment.

Intensive cooperation across organizations has contributed to the success of seminar. The seminar provided a high-quality international platform for researchers to share and exchange ideas on AI and Tele-ophthalmology. Further and more substantial cooperation will be extended between the researchers and clinical practitioners to advance and accelerate the development of AI and digital innovations in Ophthalmology.